WellBeing Brewing Company LLC

WellBeing Brewing Company LLC

In October of 2016, I founded this - The WellBeing Brewing Company.

We are one of the first craft Non Alcoholic breweries. This idea spoke to me, because I don't drink alcohol, yet spent a career working on beer and spirits.

We launched the brand in January of 2018.  Check us out!

Welcome to Planet Content

Welcome to Planet Content

PowerPost, a digital publishing startup, needed help designing and building a high performance culture and brand.

Along with my good friends at Radiant CX, we created a heroic culture narrative that mixes a little Daily Planet with a lightning strike of PowerPop Culture to create a whole new world to do business in. Welcome to Planet Content.

Out of this idea we created the entire Employee Experience, tagline and brand materials. This included a training program (go from Novice to Master!), a recruitment campaign and really juicy internal rituals and events that allows everyone to bring their superpowers to work for their clients and grow the business. 

The hook? Through a culture mapping discovery process,  employees of the agency helped not only create the narrative, but then own it's rollout. 

The posters each made hang in the lobby and say it all!  And, PowerPost raised 2 Million recently - which we will take a little credit for!





Sticky Business Magazine

Sticky Business Magazine

One thing I've always appreciated is getting creative people together to create something in a single session. 

Sticky Business is a digital magazine created in one evening at a curated cocktail party.

Check it out here

At each event, we consider one topic, like Mentorship, Innovation or Leadership and invite 20 or so interesting people to give us their point of view.  Through interviews, podcasts and brainstorming we eat, drink and publish the issue. 


Budweiser: Band of Buds

The search for the real life Entourage. Thousands of crews participated from all over the country ending in Las Vegas for an epic showdown. This program proved how seamlessly the physical and digital worlds can intersect. 

New Balance: Season in the Balance

We created this web series for New Balance that followed a high school sports team through an entire season as they tried to go all the way. On the field and off the field, this still feels relevant. As a Bonus, the Braves won State and we celebrated every step of the way.

Rolling Rock: 18 Hours with Ha Ha Tonka, Part 1

Convincing Rolling Rock to dive into indie rock was almost as fun as partnering with the venerable Bloodshot records to actually create the infamous Bloodshot Bar-B-Q's - a day of spit roasted rock and roll.  

We sponsored bands like these guys, Ha Ha Tonka. We gave them beer. We fixed their vans. We fed them. We made movies about them. In turn, they played their hearts out for us. 

Thrift Shop Divas

Thrift Shop Divas is a wonderfully entertaining web series which follows a team of financially-savvy experts as they upcycle materials from Goodwill stores into beautiful wardrobes and one-of-a-kind home interiors for people in need.

This is a terrific piece of branded content produced for Goodwill I developed at Coolfire with Indie Producer Erik Light. 

The Staples Creative Summit

The Staples Creative Summit

Is there a better gig than bringing together creative types for a two day summit on making great work? No. There's really not. Working with Radiant CX, we designed and facilitated this multi-day meeting on exploring, inspiring curiosity and collaboration. 

The goal? Embed innovative thinking in the culture to become more strategic partner for clients.

And, of course, have a great time. 


Bud Select 55: Lightest Beer in the World

A Super Bowl spot about a beer so light it floats. Get it?

MINI: Taxi

In partnership with Fearlessly Frank, one of two brilliant experiential campaigns we executed for Mini in the UK.

Rolling Rock: Born Small Town

This was a campaign that we tapped the Hick and Spic* to create.

*Inspiring gentleman and a truly memorable campaign to work on. 

The Balvenie Rare Crafts Roadshow

Two Scottsman go on the road through America in search of true craftsmanship.

Grolsch Gardens

Grolsch Gardens

This was a project that combined gaming, escape rooms, storytelling and Hitchcock's Rear Window. You solve the mystery by finding clues in the windows across the street. Here's what the critics were saying: 

"The future of advertising is here
Posted by Joanne Ostrow The Denver Post @ 5:32 pm
I have seen the future of advertising and it is here. No kidding, I spent more than half an hour playing the game Grolsch beer offers to users of this site (must be over 21), getting a kick out of the clues and shaking my head at the fact that the commercial sponsor had made the content so intriguing. As a commercial-averse cynic who fast-forwards the DVR whenever advertising appears, I surprised myself by being so open to this commercial game, a sort of streamlined version of “Myst” with lots of name-brand beer bottles." 






Miles of Wire | Happy New Year

Always loved hanging out and listening to Miles of Wire, so it was a honor to create this piece with them.

Grolsch: Swing

This spot inspired August Busch the Third to stand up and say "Now that's a beer spot." He would know. 

MINI: The Other Lunch Break

In partnership with Fearlessly Frank, one of two brilliant experiential campaigns we executed for Mini in the UK.

Budweiser: Balls

This was created for one of those massive six agency pitches. Although it never got executed, it won the business.